Meet the Mayor with your Walking Shoes On!

Meet the Mayor with your Walking Shoes On!
Mayor Mike Ross will restart his “Walk & Talk” sessions. The hour long “Walk & Talk” will be on Mondays and Wednesdays beginning Monday, March 12, 2018, at 6:00 pm. The walk will begin at Doko Meadows Park Trail behind Town Hall.
Mayor Mike Ross has fought over his weight for many years and had stated that he would lose weight while in office (to no avail so far). He has 1 ½ years left in office, so let us help him meet his goal while chatting with him about the issues that concern you.
Come with your questions and comments, bring your dogs, your pals, come alone, but let us get out into the great outdoors! Hope to see everyone out and about beginning March 12th at Doko Meadows Park Trail.

Town of Blythewood

About Blythewood

Although growth and development are under way with many exciting projects, Blythewood’s rich southern traditions, attention to education, and celebration of family are at the heart of the town.

Our history takes us back to a time when our town was called Doko, and the Doko Depot supplied water for the steam engines.  Agriculture has always been an integral part of our town and the local farmer’s market continues a long standing tradition of buying locally from the harvest of our land.  Blythewood has a strong equestrian tradition, is home to the USC Equestrian center and served as the training ground for the US Olympic equestrian teams.

Baseball is taken seriously here, as is worship, the arts and festivals.

With a location just outside of Columbia, SC and less than an hour from Charlotte,  Blythewood has always been attractive to families searching for the virtues of small town living.

We welcome you to discover us, sit a piece and understand our vision, and enjoy our warm friendly attitude toward life and each other.