2017 Mingle & Jingle Gala and Awards!

2017 Mingle & Jingle Sponsors!
 The following businesses and individuals were honored for their achievements and service at the Greater Blythewood Chamber of Commerce 2nd Annual Mingle & Jingle Awards Gala, held December 8th, 2017 at Doko Manor in Blythewood’s Doko Meadows Park.
Business Person of the Year: Peggy Fowler (Fowler Team at Keller Williams Columbia Northeast)
Small Business of the Year: Doko Smoke (Owners, Chris and Tony Crout)
Large Business of the Year: Chick-fil-A at Killian Crossing (Owner, Aaron Jackson)
Community Service Award of the Year: Liz Humphries (Owner, Blythewood Consignment)
“These winners exemplify what our mission is all about”, said Mike Switzer, executive director at the Blythewood Chamber. “We are working hard to make Blythewood a better place to live, work, and play and the efforts put forth by these successful businesses and individuals makes that job easier!”
Peggy Fowler’s leadership at her company, the Fowler Team at Keller Williams Columbia NE, has resulted in a significant increase in the growth of her business in 2017. Taking the reins as chair of the Blythewood Chamber’s volunteer committee has also made a dramatic improvement in the chamber’s volunteer resources, positively impacting events like the 4-day 2017 Total Eclipse of the Park and The Big Grab.
Chris and Tony Crout at Doko Smoke continue to impress all of Blythewood with their entrepreneurial spirit. They bring their BBQ to almost every event in town and routinely sell out!
Everybody can attest to the amazing and almost instant growth achieved by Aaron Jackson and his 80+ member team at Chick-fil-A at Killian Crossing as they manage their seemingly endless lines of customers!
Finally, Liz Humphries, owner of Blythewood Consignment, dedicates a significant amount of her time (in addition to running her very-busy business) to raising money for the less fortunate in our area through her many philanthropic endeavors.
All of this year’s winners have made a tremendous impact on the quality of life in Blythewood and were deservedly honored!