TourGuide is internationally famous for its safe, affordable and reliable public transport system that keeps the city moving at its trademark lightning speed. If lightning is too fast, you can switch gears by hopping on an unhurried tram or ferry and savour the city at an old-world pace.


Our Strategic Planning services offer a systematic process to ask and answer the most critical questions while preparing you for successful plan implementation.

Solimar provides comprehensive strategic planning solutions for both businesses and destinations, with services that address a variety of needs.  We understand and recognize the unique and exceptional experiences desired by today’s traveler and believe in the importance of developing tourism in a way that provides the greatest benefit to the local stakeholders while conserving the natural assets for future generations.

Through our comprehensive set of strategic planning services, Solimar can also assist you in achieving specific development goals.  When done right, tourism development can be an effective tool for stimulating economic growth, alleviating poverty, conserving biodiversity, preserving culture and traditions, and creating employment opportunities for local communities.